Trachtenstrip Calendar 2022 + Deluxe-Package


This is what awaits you:

  • 24 beautiful, erotic motifs
  • two paged calendar, 2 motifs per month
  • 14 girls
  • Making-Of and bonus page
  • A3 calendar on heavy art print-paper
  • strictly limited
  • free shipping
  • 500 coins that you can spend immediately on galleries!

Trachtenstrip 2022 (printed calendar)
+ 500 coins (Deluxe-Package)

In this bundle you get the new Trachtenstrip Calendar 2022 + a premium package with 200 coins!!
You can use the coins immediately, we will send you the calendar (shipping will start on November 18th, 21st)!

With this package you save 29 €!
(Calendar: € 39.90
Deluxe package: € 69.00).

What do a studio for costume jewelery, a snow-covered mountain lake, an old castle ruin, a gravel excavator and an abandoned railway station have in common? Well, all of them (plus a riding stables, waterfalls, rivers and lakes) are once again the backdrop for the most beautiful girls in dirndl dresses. Packaged again in a fine calendar that should make the heart of every dirndl fan beat faster!
Like the 2019 and 2020 calendars, the 2022 edition also has 14 double-printed pages. So you get 2 different motifs per month. You can choose which variant of the respective model you like better: the more well-behaved (if grandma comes to visit), or the more naughty (if you are at home alone)…!

We have also been working with a new printing company since this year and have decided on a new paper: The 2022 calendar comes on heavy picture printing paper so that our Bavarian beauties are presented particularly beautiful! And last but not least, the Trachtenstrip Calendar 2022 (like every year) is strictly limited and will not be reprinted. So it pays out to be fast!