First of all, we have to differentiate between the following:

  • The pictures on Trachtenstrip are organized in GALLERIES. You can unlock a GALLERY with COINS. You can NOT buy galleries directly with “real” money (why we do it this way you can read here.)
  • COINS you can buy in our Shop. We usually offer three different packages. The more expensive a package, the greater the advantage, i.e. you get more coins for your money. It is therefore worth calculating here. 😉
    You pay the coins with real money, for example via PayPal or credit card. Then you can use the coins to unlock the galleries of your choice.

Once galleries have been activated, they are always available for you. It is best to download the images to your computer using the link at the end of the gallery.

The gallery overview page shows you which galleries you already own.
You can also check this in your account (under Orders ).

You can pay conveniently and securely using Paypal or you can use your credit card (here we work together with Stripe ).