We always get requests from photographers who would like to take pictures for us. However, we do not currently have a proper compensation system. That means we can not pay you.

If this does not bother you then contact us (mail@trachtenstrip.com). We push you through our social media channels if you like.

There is one exception: You have an absolute supermodel at the start, a unique opportunity, a 12 of 10, but you can not afford their fee? Write to us. Maybe then we can fix something with the help of the community.

Also interesting: But if our new concept works here, we have a few fundamental changes in mind. For example, we are thinking about a system that allows every photographer to offer their own photos for sale on Trachtenstrip (of course after they have gone through our quality control. ????). The coins earned in this way are then shared between us, the photographer and the model, allowing all parties to continue the Trachtenstrip project.