Each gallery on Trachtenstrip is assigned to one of three categories:

1 Flame 2 Flames 3 Flames

The flames stand for the licentiousness that you can expect from the gallery:

  • 1 Flame: sexy and cheeky, lingerie, and a lot of bare skin, but no uncovered breasts and the like.
  • 2 Flames: very sexy, in some galleries uncovered breasts flash out or are only temporarily hidden by transparent blouses and lingerie. Even a bare bottom can be there.
  • 3 Flames: the hot chilli under the galleries. Here, for example, there are nude photos, the model strips completely or shows herself in very, very sexy poses.

Why do we have this division at all? Because the Trachtenstrip is more than just bare skin and meat inspection. For this there are other websites to it on the internet. 😉

The Trachtenstrip celebrates the Dirndl and its wearer and they don’t necessarily have to strip completely to be sexy and erotic. It also always depends on the model and its respective daily form. And since we never force anything during the shoot, it is always a surprise for us what comes out in the end. 😉

However, we also think that you have a right to what you can expect when you unlock a gallery. The flames can give you a feel for it.