The most honest answer? You always thought that this was kind of shit. And we did too. Even if subscriptions and automated payments are still common on the Internet (and especially on the relevant “adult” entertainment sites on the Internet), we want to try something new.
The memberships were actually always quite lucrative. You’d be surprised how many people get high-priced subscriptions and then simply forget to cancel them. BUT they didn’t use the offer at all (anymore). But we think that’s stupid. It just doesn’t feel good, neither energetically nor humanly.

For us behind the scenes, subscriptions and paid memberships have always meant an uncomfortable train and delivery constraint. Because those who pay regularly also want new content on a regular basis. But we, as a small team, whose work is almost exclusively paid for with air and love and having just fun, simply cannot do that. Our photographers, models and helpers behind the scenes also have real World jobs that fill the fridges. This makes regular content creation difficult.

But when our new concept comes up here, we have a few fundamental changes in mind. For example, we are thinking about a system that enables every photographer to offer their own photos for sale on Trachtenstrip (of course after they have gone through our quality control. :-)). The coins earned in this way are then shared between us, the photographer and the model, allowing all parties to continue the Trachtenstrip project.

An exciting vision and YOU can be part of it!