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The fashion chain H&M has brought out traditional costumes.

For the Oktoberfest. It’s called the Oktoberfest Collection.

What an outcry there was!

Then one day, the Oktoberfest 2019 was already on the horizon, we had the idea to do a Trachtenstrip Shooting with H&M dirndls! We did not have to ask our two wonderful models Franziska and Mary for long and although we had each of them in front of the lens several times, the two did not know each other personally before the shoot. But the chemistry among our two flagship redheads was right from the start!

The location also had it all: old excavators, overgrown tracks, graffiti walls and a lot of fallout flair. The ideal test site for the H&M dirndls. Including escape from patrolling and curious station employees.

When Mary and Franziska hold their H&M dirndls in their hands for the first time, disillusionment spreads. The things don’t feel particularly valuable, everything is sewn clean, but the fabric is also quite thin and details such as the apron sewn on one side cause confusion. In the end, the opened door of a scrap car had to be used to cut open one of the dirndls on the side so that it fit. Annoying, but as described above: this is not so bad in photos because you can hide it well. Also striking: the H&M dirndl dresses are VERY short. At least our pink version.

Our great-grandparents would have liked it, compared to today’s dirndl dresses it is rather marginal.

But hey, we’re the Trachtenstrip!

After two hours is over, a bunch of successful pictures and a small film in the box and Franziska and Mary exchange the H&M dirndls for their normal dirndl dresses and the trio celebrates the shoot at the nearby Rosenheim autumn festival.

The Oktoberfest dirndls from H&M kept our red-haired beauties.

As a souvenir and for the carnival box. 

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